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Twin Disc Marine Transmissions

Here's 5 Reasons to choose Moon Engines for Twin Disc service and repair, or to purchase a reconditioned Twin Disc Marine transmission:

  1. All Twin Disc gearboxes are tested at operating temperature for one hour
  2. All Twin Disc transmissions come with a warranty
  3. All rebuilt units are thoroughly stripped, cleaned, measured and checked prior to assembly - you can rest assured that a twin disc transmission rebuilt by Moon Engines has received full attention to detail making it an extremely reliable alternative to a new Twin Disc Transmission.
  4. For your convenience, Moon Engines offers a full removal, service and rebuild and reinstall service. However much of the job you'd like us to do, we'll look after for you. From removing your twin disc transmission from your boat to re-installation and sea trial you can realx knowinghte job will be done properly.
  5. Moon Engine's friendly team are experienced marine technicians and boating enthusiasts too - talk to us about your boat and your Twin Disc transmission.

About Twin Disc

Twin Disc has been making marine gearboxes since 1918. In 1992 Twin Disc added Arneson Surface Drives to their range of products and then in 1996 Twin Disc signed a licensing agreement with Doen Marine in Australia to manufacture water jet propulsion systems.

Twin Disc has also developed the Power Commander, an electronic control system for marine applications. the Power commander system interfaces with all popular electronic engines and transmissions.

Twin Disc 3nergy Hybrid System

Video comes from the 2011 Genoa boat show.