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Drive Plates & Damper Drives

Marine Transmissions NZ have Drive plates & Damper Plates in stock for most applications. Marine Transmissions can supply Drive plates for BorgWarner Velvet Drive gearboxes, PRM Marine Transmissions, ZF Marine Transmissions as well as Hurth, Paragon and many more.

Drive Plate Selection & Application:

Be sure that the corect drive plate is used when selecting.

We will need to know either your current drive plate part no#, the h.p of the engine at its maximum rated rpm along with the application of the vessel (pleasure/commerical).

Standard driveplates can cause or be associated with what is known as toursional vibration or gearbox rattle at low engine rpm. High deflection, two stage or progressive driveplates can help or eleminate this problem.

Common Brands Carried are SACHS, R&D and CENTA


  • R&D are common drive plates often found where less than 500hp is used.
  • R&D now offer a "high deflection" option. this is used with lighter weight engines and transmissions that can suffer from torsional vibration. The high defletion driveplate can help reduce or sometimes even elemenant the niose assosiated with torsional vibration.


  • Sachs drive plates are commonly used and found with older engines and transmissions that are of heavery displacement where only low damper deflection is required.
  • Sachs driveplates are very common so Marine transmissions NZ carry good stock at any one time.
  • Sachs are a cheaper but still often effective drive plate.